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Alayna Starnly - Baby Pony by SymbianL
Alayna Starnly - Baby Pony
The Alayna Starnly tamago hatched. XD

Name: Alayna Starnly.

Talent (her future talent X3): she will cross breed flowers into making a whole new fragrance that can calm or stir anothers emotions. she picks certain flowers with care and thought and travels around to find different flowers or plants to cross breed.

Bio(when she's hatched, i'm speaking as if it's the future X3)
as a younger pony she stayed outside and away from her parents house, she wasn't allowed near the lab when her parents were working and often sat in their garden bored out of her mind. she didn't know what her parents did in that lab nor did she car at first. when she was older she was rebellious and decided that she shouldn't have to leave her house just because her parents were working. she stormed into their lab but they weren't there, only looping vials and dripping concoctions. she looked all around and her eyes landed an a slim shining purple vial with white swirling patterns on it and her curiosity got the best of her, she gripped it between her teeth and raced outside. being such a klutz, that's why she was always sent outside, she trips and the vial cracks open and spills onto a pile of violets. trying to cover up her mess she throws more plants onto of it but that creates a huge flash and a big cloud of purple smoke erupts. when it all clears Alayna looks down at it coughing through the purple smoke and sees a whole new plant an it's fragrance is unimaginable. addicted to this new development over the years she sneaks the vial out of her parents house as they make more and goes to combine new flowers, changing the type and using different kinds to create the right fragrance and new flower.
her parents find out later but are impressed with their daughter and encourage her to go show her breeding talent with ponyville, and that's where she continues to travel picking up flowers and selling her cross breeds to whoever she comes by

Likes: Dirt, pockets, bland food, and hats

dislikes: swimming, running, or listening to others

personality: she's more of a rebellious horse even when older and dislikes being told what to do. she often snaps at people and prefers to stick to herself (she's a major tsundere) 

How she got her cutie mark: while traveling she met a very sick horse and like any other time she gave him one of her special flowers that helped with sickness. but this time she didn't just walk away, she stayed to make sure he was okay. seeing he was fit she left but he came along with her and she bickered and complained that she likes being alone. he stayed anyways and asked her one day "why do you do this?"
she stopped and stared at him and it made her think about all of this. why am i doing this? she thought. and she remember all the times she gave out flowers and spent days searching for the right blossom. and it's because she loved what she did, it brought her spirits up to help others while also doing what she loved and was good at. her cutie mark flashed onto her flank as she realized why and it made her a little happier, but not less snappier >w<

01 Adopted Egg - Alayna Starnly by SymbianLAlayna Starnly - Baby Pony by SymbianL

Lucian Empire Royal Insignia :P by SymbianL
The story is about a rock-and-roll artist who once went insane and thought his guitar was a person, and still is insane to this day.

The prologue is already out...

...and I need inspiration for the story itself. Any ideas?
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